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Soter Horizontal Safety Line

Soter Standing Seam Roof Anchor Bracket  

  • Class C – Anchoredge.
  • Fully Compliant to BS EN 795 1997.
  • Intermediate brackets feature additional points to allow operatives to pass each other on the system.
  • The Slyder personal attachment device allows access and egress anywhere on the line and glides smoothly around the system and across all other components.
  • Adjustable corner unit and tube, from 45 to 179 degrees.
  • Universal End Anchor – Facilitates crossing of line without the need for detachment and reattachment.
  • Green roof post – Available in different heights to ensure line is clear of various growing mediums and not a trip hazard.
  • Standing seam ‘clamp’ is easier and quicker to install. Post sits lower on sheet, reducing pull-out load on to the outer sheet.

Soter Safety Line Non-Penetrative Profile

  • AISI grade 304 stainless steel bracket designed to be fitted to min 0.5mm steel, 0.9mm aluminium cladding sheet with butyl sealant, stainless steel stitchers or 7mm bulb type rivets and waterproof washers.
  • The anchor support post complies with amendments to heat loss calculations for ‘U’ value on composite panel roofs.
  • The permanent secure anchor point can accommodate Soter horizontal safety line system. No access to the underside of the roof covering is required during installation or inspection of the anchor point.
  • Can be used as both a temporary or permanent anchor point. 

Safety Line Systems

  • AISI grade 304 stainless steel anchor bracket, designed to clamp on to the standing seam of a proprietary roofing sheet with stainless steel clamps and inverted grub screws.
  • The post is designed to progressively collapse to reduce the loads applied to the structure. There is no roof penetration and, therefore, no weathering.
  • Suitable for temporary or permanent anchorage points.
  • No scaffold or access to the underside of the anchor point is required during installation or inspection.
Horizontal Safety Line SystemSoter Horizontal Safety Line


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